Support articles

Add / Remove Team users:
A key benefit of the Team plan is that you can have different administrators in your domain managing their own forms with our add-on, and each admins usage is drawn from a shared allowance. We understand that during the course of your subscription these administrators may change. The person who originally purchased the subscription can add or remove administrators from the Team plan at any time, as follows:
  • Open any Google Form
  • Open the add-on
  • Go to Settings
  • Then, go to Account
  • Then, click Manage my subscription
When the page loads, a list of Admin users will be displayed and an Edit button on the right hand side of the user list. Update Team users as comma separated values. Once your changes are complete, click Submit. Note, all users entered must be in the same domain / subdomain.

Recipient Portal:
The Recipient Portal is similar to the Admin Portal, but is designed specifically for recipients. With the Recipient Portal, recipients will never need to search through emails again. The Recipient Portal provides a convenient way for them to track the status of requests they are party to, filter on those pending their response, and respond (e.g approve, decline, recommend, etc) directly from our website.
Tip: Users who access the Recipient Portal will only ever see requests they are party to. If they are not a recipient of the request, they will not see it. If you want a user to see all requests, you can make them an authorized administrator (as described below).
The form administrator can obtain the Recipient Portal URL from the Settings tab of the add-on, and share the URL with their recipients for them to bookmark (the Recipient Portal URL will only change if the add-on administrator changes). Each Google Form has a unique Recipient Portal URL, so if you use the add-on with multiple forms, make sure to share each Recipient Portal URL individually.
For privacy reasons, since the Recipient Portal provides access to form response data, recipients must have a Google account to use the portal.

Admin Portal (additional authorized users):
The Admin Portal provides a convenient way for the Administrator to view the status of all requests, amend recipients, and send reminders directly from our website. When you are on the Team plan, you can authorize up to 3 additional users to access the Admin Portal for each form.
To add an authorized Admin Portal user, open your Google Form, open the add-on, click Settings, then enter the email address in the 'admin portal authorized users' field, then click Save. Once added, you can share the Admin Portal URL with them.
For privacy reasons, since the Admin Portal provides access to form response data, authorized admins must have a Google account to use the portal.

Recipient Authentication:
Recipient Authentication is a security feature you can enable that will force recipients to sign-in and authenticate themselves with their Google account before responding to (e.g approving) a request.
Our recipient authentication feature utilizes single sign on (SSO) with your Google account. If the recipient is already signed in with their Google account, they will not be asked to sign-in again. If the recipient is signed in with multiple Google accounts, they will be asked to select the account they are responding with.
Recipient Authentication can be enabled at the form level, so you can choose which forms require the additional layer of security.
To enable Recipient Authentication, open your Google Form(s), click Settings, then check the option "Force recipients to sign-in".

Automatic Reminders:
Automatic Reminders will email recipients who have received a request but not yet responded (i.e recipients with a status of "Current"). When enabling Automatic Reminders, you can choose the frequency in which reminders are sent (e.g every 3 days) and the length of time before reminders should stop (e.g send reminders for up to two weeks after the request was initially made).
When configuring automatic reminders for the first time, the first reminders will be sent within 24 hours. Subsequent reminders will be sent based on the frequency you choose.
Users can still send a manual reminder to recipients at any time from the Admin Portal, Recipient Portal or tracking links.
To enable Automatic Reminders, open your Google Form(s), open the add-on, click Settings, then click "Email Editor". Once the new window opens, click "Other" to set your Automatic Reminder settings.