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Leverage the existing capability of Google Forms to create customized forms. Use Form Approvals to turn form responses into interactive workflows.
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Key features

Set up in minutes

No IT required. Use an existing Google Form and add approvers. When form responses are made, approvers will be emailed.

Multi-level workflows

Set parallel or sequential approvals to ensure your executives are only approving once endorsed by others.

Dynamic recipients

Look-up approvers based on answers to the form response or simply let the requestor select or enter the approver.

Role based workflows

Choose a role for your recipient (e.g Approve, Sign, Recommend, Acknowledge, Action or Receive a Copy).

Routing conditions

Set logic with your approvals to ensure approvers only receive the requests that are relevant to them.

Quorum approvals

Add a group of recipients and choose the number that need to respond.

One-click approvals

Notifications sent by email and approved with a single click.

Personalized notifications

Personalize notification content, and include attachments based on a template.

Responsive design

Designed mobile-first, and is fantastic to work with on desktop & tablet also.

Tried & Tested

Installed by over 9,000,000 users worldwide and actively used by thousands of organizations big and small.

Enterprise grade security

Majority of data stored in your spreadsheet. Control over data sovereignty. End to end encryption.

And so much more

Requestor, Recipient and Admin tracking pages; Automatic Reminders; Recipient Authentication; and more on the way!

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Build any approval process you need

Gone are the days of bespoke and expensive workflow tools, Form Approvals provides you with a highly configurable workflow framework, allowing you to automate any process requiring approval. Common use cases are:

Personal Development

Establish governance around requests for personal development. Allow managers to approve / reject then set the add-on to automatically notify the requestor once approved.

Time-Off Request

Capture time off requests, allowing managers to plan team resource by approving / rejecting accordingly. Set up the add-on to, if approved, automatically send request information to Payroll.

Expense Reimbursement

Provide management visibility into business expense reimbursement requests, allowing them to approve / reject. Set up the add-on to send request information to Payroll for reimbursement.