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approvals add-on
Leverage the existing capability of Google Forms to create customized forms. Use Form Approvals to turn form submissions into interactive workflows.
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Build any approval process you need

Gone are the days of bespoke and expensive workflow tools, Form Approvals provides you with a highly configurable workflow framework, allowing you to automate any process requiring approval. Common use cases are:

Personal Development

Establish governance around requests for personal development. Allow managers to approve / reject then set the add-on to automatically notify the requestor once approved.

Time-Off Request

Capture time off requests, allowing managers to plan team resource by approving / rejecting accordingly. Set up the add-on to, if approved, automatically send request information to Payroll.

Expense Reimbursement

Provide management visibility into business expense reimbursement requests, allowing them to approve / reject. Set up the add-on to send request information to Payroll for reimbursement.